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March Notes
CFS Let’s keep those newborn calves alive! Talk to Jason or Brandon about using “First Defense Bolus”. It is worth the precaution. WFS It is time to get your indoor seeds planted. Visit one of our locations for full story
March 21, 2015
February notes from the three stores
CFS Jason and Brandon hope you remember to order your Baby Chicks! First date for Ready to Lay and Day old birds is March 18th, followed by April 1st. WFS A friendly reminder from Dave! Nicer weather is on the way , so if you full story
February 18, 2015
A Merry Christmas from CFS
It has been said, "the only thing that never changes is change itself. It seems as I get older, the change keeps coming faster and faster. Jennifer and I have three sons. Two of them are off at university while one is in his last year of high full story
December 20, 2014
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Crop Inputs
  • Highly trained seed specialists on staff
  • Wide variety of corn, soybean, cereal and forage seeds available
  • Weigh wagon available for on-farm trials
  • Certified phase 3 chemical warehouse to supply your herbicide and pesticide needs
  • We strive to ensure you get all the discounts you?re entitled to
  • Bulk and bag fertilizer for all your needs.  Custom mixes done, bulk delivered to you


Complete line of :


agrisure viptera

New to the market for the 2011 growing season, NK Syngenta has the leading technology in multi-pest control from emergence to harvest.  The Agrisure Viptera 3111 trait stack is a completely new mode of action covering 14 above and below ground pests,  in particularly the WESTERN BEAN CUTWORM. The WBC is continuing to move into Ontario, with the NK moth traps showing dramatically higher catches this year all the way into Eastern Ontario.  NK now has 4 varieties within our heat unit range carrying the Agrisure trait stack, when choosing your hybrids this fall they should be seriously considered.


refuge in a bag

You have heard lots of talk about it and it is finally here, Refuge In A Bag is available at the Campbellford Farm Supply!

Mycogen Seeds is proud to offer 'Refuge Advanced', a convenient single bag solution with no seperate refuge required.  Both Mycogen hybrids in the bag  have comparable attributes, the seed size and shape match and the plant height is similar for a uniform stand.

The Mycogen product is unique in that the refuge kernals in the bag are marked with a different colour so you can see them with your own eyes.  The Mycogen seed plant actually mixes the 2 hybrids together before putting the seed in the bag, so they are evenly distributed throughout the field when planted.



The new SmartStax technology released from Mycogen for 2012 allows for reduced refuge- only 5%.  The allows for more high yielding hybrids to be planted.  It also highlights above and below ground insect  control- the ONLY company to have both!


Non GMO and organic corn

The Campbellford Farm Supply truely has something for everyone.  We are proud to offer a full line of GMO free seed corn from De Dell Seeds, a family owned and operated business established in 1999 and Maizex Seeds.          

They both have multiple varieties available for our area, that look quite good in the fields from the 2011 season.  They also carry silage specific hybrids and are the only company in Canada to produce certified organic corn hybrids.

All of their varieties are reasonably priced, contact us for more details.

specialty products we offer you

Mycogen is the only company to offer Brown- Mid- Rib corn, know as 'BMR'.  BMR is unique in the way that it has a higher amount of digestible fiber in the plant by containing less lignin.

The left stalk is BMR.  It has lower lignin content, this therefore means higher digestibility.


looking for the top yielding soybeans???We have got you covered!
The Campbellford Farm Supply group offers you the top yielding soybeans.  The below links show this years results across Ontario for soybean yields

For Round Up Ready Mycogen's NEW 5A130RR2 came out on top for the 2700- 2900 HU Group.  The have shown consistant performance  across all trials and we are pleased to offer them as part of our line up.

On the conventional side, the NK S12-A5 beans continue to lead the pack with an impressive 3 year average.  They are a consistant top yielding variety- a customers favorite!

Be sure to contact us about the new varieties out for the 2011 growing season.

is Brown-mid-rib (bmr) corn silage for you?
If BMR corn silage is a product you are considering on your farm, wouldn't it be nice to hear what other growers and prospects have to say?

Mycogen has created and on-line discussion website to unite users, prospects, and industry people.  The website allows all to have active discussions with each other and learn from their peers.

Please visit the site and see what you can learn or add to the discussion.