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March Notes
CFS Let’s keep those newborn calves alive! Talk to Jason or Brandon about using “First Defense Bolus”. It is worth the precaution. WFS It is time to get your indoor seeds planted. Visit one of our locations for full story
March 21, 2015
February notes from the three stores
CFS Jason and Brandon hope you remember to order your Baby Chicks! First date for Ready to Lay and Day old birds is March 18th, followed by April 1st. WFS A friendly reminder from Dave! Nicer weather is on the way , so if you full story
February 18, 2015
A Merry Christmas from CFS
It has been said, "the only thing that never changes is change itself. It seems as I get older, the change keeps coming faster and faster. Jennifer and I have three sons. Two of them are off at university while one is in his last year of high full story
December 20, 2014
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Specialty Feeds for your Specialty Livestock
Campbellford Farm Supply and Agribrands Purina offers complete lines specifically designed feeds for your 'Specialty Livestock'.

Backyard Poultry
Purina has developed two full lines of chicken and turkey feed.  The 'Purinature Line' covers from chick to shipping including a medicated grower.  The 'Golden Line' offers an all natural feed for chickens and turkeys.  The Purina line is pelleted while the farm supply offers its own version of scratch grain and lay mash with visible grains.


Purina offers a wide range of rabbit products to meet maintenance and performance needs. Fertility, growth, and health are priorities when formulating a proper feed for your rabbit.  We have all that you need for your pet rabbit as well.
Check out our rabbit page for more details.

ostriches emus & rhea

We've got feed for your ratites needs! From grower to breeding, ask us about the line- up we have to offer you.


The Farm Supply has its own special Cob mix to offer the avid deer feeder.  A very economical mix of whole grains and molasses will be a real treat for the dear.
Looking for more? We have deer salt blocks, whole corn, and bulk molasses always available.

trout & pond fish

Purina is affiliated with Corey Aquaculture and has available a full fish line.  Floating and sinking, grower, finisher, and broodstock feeds are all available in 25 kg bags.


Purina offers specific feeds for your rodents- mouse chow, rat chow, rodent chow for rodent production.
For your family pet we offer the Cuisine line- high quality products designed specifically to provide your hamsters, gerbils, and quinea pigs with a healthy diet.


The Farm Supply offers Armtrong Milling's line of Penny's Pigeon Seed Mixes.  The most popular are the #1 Special Mix, #2 Racing Mix, and #3 Regular Mix. and pigeon grits.  For full mix details including uses and nutritional specs check Armstrong's website.

indoor bird

The Farm Supply offers the Royal Cuisine lineup to provide your pet bird with the proper nutrition they need.  Priding themselves of their blend of seeds, fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals that is tailored for each breed.
Budgie, Parakeet, Cockatiel, Parrot, Canary... we got it all!!!

alpacaOur stores offer a 13% Alpaca feed made in our mill, a mix of cracked a rolled grains balance to support their nutritional needs.