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Check out our January Newsletter under the Newsletter heading and keep up to date on whats happening. Also check out our Crop Updates page under Crop Inputs for some upcoming seminars to help you maximize the 2017 growing season! full story
January 16, 2017
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The Warkworth Farm Supply Location is looking for temporary summer help this season. Look below for more info! full story
January 13, 2017
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ATTENTION HUNTERS!   Campbellford Farm Supply will soon have in Stock “Rack Stacker Whitetail Deer Attractants” Looking to attract that big Buck or Bull ?  We  will have Buck Slop and Bull Slop as well as Blaze and  Glory full story
September 28, 2015
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Lets start with Right Now Mineral- Because sometimes the answers to Beef Cow Mineral Nutrition is not always Black & White

***The average cow requires 100g of mineral/ day minimum!***



                        ***Please note the Right Now Gold Mineral is only available in Western Canada only***


Complete Feeds/ Supplements 


Purina Lean Plus 15%- a 15% crude protein complete feed that supply's the proper amounts of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins for growing cattle fed adequate quantities of good quality forage. Basic vitamins and minerals are provided which helps ensure proper growth and development along with optimum nutrient balance. This feed is made out of high quality ingredients which helps provide best feed cost per tonne. 


Purina Golden Steer-  Is a performance supplement containing all natural protein for fast growing veal calves. It can also be used for other classes of beef cattle requiring all natural protein sources. This supplement is fortified with vitamins and minerals which support the immune system and helps maintain a healthy calf. It is highly palatable and has ideal energy to protein ratio which improves lean muscle gain, feed digestion and utilization which all contribute to efficient growth. This feed is also available with Rumensin. 


Purina Show Ration- A highly palatable complete feed formulated to meet nutrient requirements of the brood cow, replacement heifers and bulls (yearling/mature). This product is ideal for animals in the show ring! Balanced protein/ energy levels maximize frame development and lean muscle gain. It provides extra nutrients to the brood cow which supports fetal development and milk production post-calving. It is highly fortified with vitamins and minerals which enhances reproductive efficiency, maximize nutrient utilization in feed efficiency and enhances forage intake and digestion when fed at the correct level. 


CFS Custom Mix-  A 13% crude protein complete feed consisting of mixed grain, corn, barley, molasses and mineral. This feed is milled in house at the Campbellford location.


These are some of the feeds by Purina and in house that we carry/ make. There are many more feed/ mineral options available. Please contact the Sales Rep for questions about a feed/ feeding program. Or check out 



Purina Sup-R-Blocks


Purina's Sup-R-Block is a 24% protein, brood cow supplement in a weather resistant block form designed to be fed on a free-choice basis. Used in conjunction with good quality forages, Sup-R-Block will balance nutritional deficiencies in changing pasture conditions or stored forages. Average daily intake is 0.5- 1.0kg

Purina's Sup-R-Growth Block is a 22% protein supplement in a weatherproof, self limiting block form medicated with Bovatec. This product is designed to supplement heifers and growing cattle on pasture. Sup-R-Growth Block is Canada’s only free-choice medicated protein supplement. Average daily intake is 0.75-1.0kg

Purina's Mineral Sup-R-Block is now formulated with Bioplexes – trace mineral proteinates. This Sup-R-Block is specifically designed to provide the correct level of macro and trace mineral proteinates to optimize animal performance for cattle under stressful conditions. This block is also weather resistant. Average daily intake is 100-150 grams.