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January 16, 2017
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January 13, 2017
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September 28, 2015
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Provides calves with immediate immune support and intestinal protection from disease and infection. Formulated with first milking colostrum with a guaranteed quantity of absorbable 50 IgG to aid in the treatment of failure passive transfer in newborn calves. Immu-Start 50 also provides Diarrhea control and aids in the prevention of scours, has a fast and effective absorption rate and is pasteurized for protection. 1 package = 1 dose.      



This premium colostrum provides the highest level of 100 IgG's to help prevent Failure of Passive Transfer of immunity from cows to their calves. Calf's Choice Total has been heat treated and is pathogenic free from bacteria such as salmonella species, M. paratuberculosis and E. Coli for maximum safety. Contains antibodies to E. Coli, bovine rotavirus, bovine coronavirus, BVDV, BRSV, PI-3V and BHV-1 which all help boost start the immune system for a strong healthy calf.                       1 package = 1 dose.




PURINA ACCEL 26:19 (1171)- Provides a high level of all milk proteins and amino acids combined with the protein: energy ratio that is designed to maximize the calf’s growth potential.  In conjunction with strong management practices, this product will support superior frame and stature development.  Milk Chow 26:19 DEC contains Deccox-M to help prevent the incidence of coccidiosis in young calves.

PURINA MILK CHOW 22:18 (1174)- Is and all milk, high performance milk replacer for dairy replacement heifers.  It provides the nutrition required for high growth rates for calves housed either indoors or outside. Milk chow 22:18 provides high protein to maximize digestibility and is highly fortified for rapid development of lean muscle and frame. The addition of Deccox-M helps to prevent coccidiosis in calves not consuming adequate levels of calf starter for full protections.

PURINA MILK CHOW 20:20 (1007)- Is an all milk protein, high energy milk replacer for dairy replacements and red veal calves.  This product is highly recommended for producers looking for aggressive growth rates & during the winter for calves in outdoor housing.  Milk Chow 20-20contains BioMos, a natural alternative to antibiotics to help prevent diarrhea in calves. This Milk Chow is NON-MEDICATED.

PURINA NURSE CHOW 20:20 (1153)- Is a specially formulated milk replacer, containing an optimal blend of highly digestible fat proteins and milk-based soy carbohydrates, that is beneficial for winter-feeding of calves. Highly fortified in vitamins and minerals and is NON-MEDICATED. 



PURINA STARTENA EX (1036)- is our Industry-leading, highly digestible & palatable starter designed to maximize growth and frame development in dairy calves during the first few months of life. It contains a unique blend of an extruded (high energy) particle, checkers (pellets), and steam-flaked grains, which helps increase energy utilization and rumen development.  Fastart Calf Startena EX also contains a source of digestible fibre, which has been shown to improve rumen development and overall growth. Medicated with Deccox to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis. 20% crude protein and 8% crude fiber. Wean when 750grams/day is consumed 3 consecutive days. 

PURINA STATURE ACCEL EX (1031)- is a top quality calf starter designed to promote optimal development in young calves.  It contains a unique blend of an extruded (high energy) particle, checkers (pellets), and steam-flaked grains, which helps increase energy utilization and rumen development.  It also contains a source of digestible fibre, which has been shown to improve rumen development and overall growth. Medicated with Deccox to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis. 22% crude protein and 9% crude fiber. Wean when 900grams/ day is consumed 3 consecutive days. 

PURINA PRIMA 20% (10665)-  Is a top of the line calf grower for calves 0-2 months of age. Prima fulfills the needs of the preruminant calf and stimulates the immune system. It promotes early development of the rumen, muscular growth & stature. Contains a high level of non- fiber carbohydrates, high quality digestible protein as well as all B vitamins and fortified with additional vitamins and minerals. The unique mash cube texture with pellet-like characteristics promote excellent intakes. 

PURINA STATURE 20% LAS (1134)- is an industry leading grower, specifically formulated for heifers on an accelerated development program, and high genetic/show heifers. Can be fed to heifers from 2+ months of age.  This product is designed to be fed with high quality hay to maximize frame and lean muscle development in replacement heifers. Medicated with Bovatec to promote efficient growth. Textured feed with molasses for excellent intakes.

PURINA GROWENA (1120)- has been formulated for optimal growth and development in dairy heifers from 2+ months of age.  This product is designed to be fed with hay to maximize frame and lean muscle development in replacement heifers.  It has been formulated with all plant-based ingredients. Medicated with Bovatec to promote efficient growth.

CFS 16% HEIFER- Made in the Campbellford Mill this feed is an economical complete feed for your dairy operation. This textured feed contains mixed grain, corn, vitamins, minerals and a Purina protein pellet. Can be fed to calves 6 months and up. Medicated with Bovatec to promote efficient growth.



PURINA STATURE (1143RO)- 37% protein supplement contains high quality proteins and amino acids to meet the needs of heifers on an accelerated growth program. Maximizes muscular development and stature and is fortified in vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of heifers 4-24 months of age. Medicated with Rumensin to promote efficient growth. 

PURINA PEAK PLUS (1855)- a 44% protein top dress supplement formulated with high quality ingredients to supply additional energy and protein to heifers at the beginning of lactation. This top dress optimizes milk production, increases milk protein content, improves reproductive performance, reduces health issues and improves the immune system. It is especially suited for show heifers with high genetic potential.

PURINA PRIMA 40 (1138BO)-  This economic 40% protein supplement is formulated to meet the needs of growing heifers starting at 6 months of age. It is formulated with high quality protein sources including urea which reduces the risk of amino acid imbalances. Prima 40 completes well grass and mixed forages and mixes well with on farm grains. Medicated with Bovatec to promote efficient growth and improves the immunity of heifers.




PURINA PRIMER 30MS (1944)-  Specifically designed to meet the nutrient requirements of the dry cow during the close up period. This product provides the proper protein, mineral and vitamin levels in an economical manner to ensure proper fetal development and prepare the cow for lactation.  The feed features Purina's only medicated dry cow feed providing 305 mg of Rumensin per day. 30% crude Protein.

PURINA PRIMER 24Z- (1943)-  Designed to work exceptionally well in a variety of feeding situations per and post-calving. This supplement contains an ideal blend of energy and protein along with Purina's Zeste additive. Zeste stimulates the rumen microbes to increase fiber digestibility and reduce the risk of ketosis. Primer 24Z is a highly palatable blend of all the nutrients needed to prepare the close-up dry cow for the demands of lactation.  

PURINA PRIMER 20HF (1940)-  Formulated specifically for the pre and post calving period to ensure a smooth transition to the milking ration. This supplement contains an elevated levels of digestible fiber and sugars help drive optimal dry matter intake and rumen function throughout the transition period. Purina's additive Zeste, along with live yeast culture are two other key attributes to this product that will help maximize fiber digestibility and rumen health.

PURINA ACTIVE PLUS 12:7 DRY COW MINERAL- Designed to be fed to both far off and close up dry cows. Only quality ingredients of highest standards are used to ensure maximum biological availability and benefit to your dry cows. Contains high magnesium levels to help prevent milk fever and  50% of the selenium is organic for higher absorption. Specifically formulated to enhance the immune system of the transition cow.