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Check out our January Newsletter under the Newsletter heading and keep up to date on whats happening. Also check out our Crop Updates page under Crop Inputs for some upcoming seminars to help you maximize the 2017 growing season! full story
January 16, 2017
We need summer help!
The Warkworth Farm Supply Location is looking for temporary summer help this season. Look below for more info! full story
January 13, 2017
Attention Hunters!
ATTENTION HUNTERS!   Campbellford Farm Supply will soon have in Stock “Rack Stacker Whitetail Deer Attractants” Looking to attract that big Buck or Bull ?  We  will have Buck Slop and Bull Slop as well as Blaze and  Glory full story
September 28, 2015
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For more than 100 years, Purina® products and services have been known for their premium quality.

Purina understands the relationship you have with your horse.

That is why feed safety is the most important factor in their feed quality program.

The constant desire for the best performance and health forces Purina to continually drive to develop better formulas and seek out the best possible ingredients.

All feeds are also manufactured in a 100% drug free facility giving all horse owners from the recreational rider up to the high level competitor the peace of mind that their equine partner is only getting the best. This is something that Purina stands behind all the way!



 That is why Purina has developed 26 feeds between 5 different lines so you the horse owner have the best chance of finding the right feed for you equine partner!

Purina uses their iconic icons/ symbols to quickly inform you of what is included in each feed. This table explains what each symbol means

The more symbols listed on the bag, the more added benefit to each feed!


With 5 lines of feed to choose from how do you know which one will suit your horse?



 Purina equine feeds are all complete feeds. Meaning if you follow the directions on the feeding label, all your horse’s vitamin/ mineral requirements will be met! Purina has developed an equine ration balancer program that will help you determine how much too actually feed your horse!


(The picture below is an example)

See the difference for yourself today!