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Check out our January Newsletter under the Newsletter heading and keep up to date on whats happening. Also check out our Crop Updates page under Crop Inputs for some upcoming seminars to help you maximize the 2017 growing season! full story
January 16, 2017
We need summer help!
The Warkworth Farm Supply Location is looking for temporary summer help this season. Look below for more info! full story
January 13, 2017
Attention Hunters!
ATTENTION HUNTERS!   Campbellford Farm Supply will soon have in Stock “Rack Stacker Whitetail Deer Attractants” Looking to attract that big Buck or Bull ?  We  will have Buck Slop and Bull Slop as well as Blaze and  Glory full story
September 28, 2015
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 We offer customized feed to meet your goals!

Campbellford, Warkwork & Madoc Farm Supplies are a full AgriBrands Purina Dealer and offer a full line up of feed in the Dariy, Beef, Horse, Chicken, Pig Sector + many many more. All store locations offer feed/ hay/ silage and soil sampling- why is this important?
Taking a feed/ hay/ silage sample can help you the farmer or nutrition consultants to formulate proper and accurate ration formulations to meet the dietary needs of livestock. It is a great way to ensure your feed is up to par and your herd is getting the best nutrition possible. Soil samples will provide results in what your soil is lacking in nutrients or what it has to much of. This will benefit you in picking the right fertilizer for the soil to help ensure the best crop results possible. The sample is taken by a representative of Campbellford Farm Supply and is sent off to a lab for analysis. 

We also offer Ration Balancing through Purina's own Optilac Dairy and Beef balancing Program. This program takes the nutritional know-how of Cargill animal nutrition capability's to accurately update profiles of ingredients, adjust nutrient profiles taking physical characteristics into account and can even predict animal performance! The virtual operation puts animal requirements and nutrient supply in the context of ingredient valuation, diet formulation, and performance projection. Check out the link for more information. 


Purina also offers a ration balancing program on the Equine side as well. This program is exclusively through the Purina Equine Representative. This program can take the information from a hay sample or from the feed label and allows you to balance a ration to a specific nutrient like selenium for example. Equipurina also developed a simple everyday ration balancer that everyone can use. The link for this service in provided below.

Our stores have highly trained feed specialist that work for you and your livestock to find the right feeds for your operation and pocket book! Come into the store today and find feed pamphlets for your browsing convenience, talk to our knowledgeable staff or contact a Sales Representative for more information. 

Custom milling

Campbellford farm supply is unique because we have two mills! 

Campbellford Mill

The campbellford Farm Supply Mill boasts a new efficient bagging system that allows us to make, tag and bag twice the amount of feed! Many feeds such as Laymash, Custom Mix, Custom Horse, Hog Grower, etc. are produced here and are trucked to the Warkworth and Madoc Farm Supplies.

Warkworth Mill

The Warkworth Farm Supply Mill has been around for years and continues to thrive. Many of the feeds that are non-medicated are produced here to ensure no cross-contamination. As well customers requiring custom mixes or grist are done at this mill.  Customers with their own grain are able to bring it in to this location and have it ground or rolled into their own feed.

Warkworth Farm Supply Mill is now Certified Organic! 



Campbellford, Warkworth and Madoc Farm Supply is proud to offer 3 feed trucks for customer convenience.

We have two sucker trucks to move your on farm grain and the other truck is used for bulk or bagged feed deliveries.

Custom trucking is available! Contact the Campbellford store for more information!