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Check out our January Newsletter under the Newsletter heading and keep up to date on whats happening. Also check out our Crop Updates page under Crop Inputs for some upcoming seminars to help you maximize the 2017 growing season! full story
January 16, 2017
We need summer help!
The Warkworth Farm Supply Location is looking for temporary summer help this season. Look below for more info! full story
January 13, 2017
Attention Hunters!
ATTENTION HUNTERS!   Campbellford Farm Supply will soon have in Stock “Rack Stacker Whitetail Deer Attractants” Looking to attract that big Buck or Bull ?  We  will have Buck Slop and Bull Slop as well as Blaze and  Glory full story
September 28, 2015
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We offer a variety of Sheep & Goat feeds for all stages of life.



By far the most absolute important meal for any newborn! Newborn Lambs/ Kids should receive their first feeding of colostrum as soon as possible after birth, and no later then 6 hours after birth. LambGro/ KidGro is a premium colostrum supplement that provides triple benefit/ protection from hypothermia, disease and lack of immunity. It is high in energy which helps maintain body temperature and rich in natural colostral fat & lactose. 1 package = 20 feedings!!!!




LambGro (22/28)- Designed to replace feeding of multiple new born / orphaned lambs or to help supplement Mothers milk. The optimal concentration matches the nutritional profile of ewe's milk. It optimizes protein, amino acid and energy balance for optimal nutrient requirements of young growing lambs. Provides antioxidants like vitamin E & C to promote health and immune function. Comes in a 5kg, 10kg or 20kg pail/ bag.

KidGro (22/25)- Designed to replace feeding of multiple new born dairy/ meat/ orphaned Kids or to help supplement Mothers Milk. The optimal concentration matches the nutritional profile of doe's milk.  It optimizes protein and amino acid balance for optimal growth and metabolic controls and provides highly digestible nutrients for growth and health. Comes in a 5kg, 10kg and 20kg pail/bag.



CFS SHEEP & GOAT- Made in the CFS Mill, Sheep & Goat is a 13% complete feed containing mixed grain, barley, corn, molasses and the Purina Pur-A-Lamb Supplement in pellet form for all vitamin and Mineral requirements. This feed is ideal for all stages of life. Comes in a 25kg bag.

PURINA PUR-A-LAMB (3280)- A 35% supplement designed for small ruminates to be mixed with on farm grains to make a 16% grower or a 14% finisher. Contains all natural proteins- no urea or animal byproducts. Can be used to balance the needs of the entire flock and has been formulated to prevent urinary calculi. Comes in a 25kg bag.

PURINA LAMBENA (3295)-  A 16% pellet complete feed formulated with essential vitamins and minerals is designed to be fed free- choice from weaning to market weight to ensure rapid weight gain and excellent carcass quality. Can be mixed with grains on farm to achieve the desired finial touch. Comes in a 25kg bag.

PURINA GOAT MAXIMIZER (1225)-  A 16% Dairy Goat Complete pellet is a unique blend of high energy protein ingredients to maximize milk production/ yield. This feed is highly fortified with vitamins and minerals and is very palatable. Comes in a 25kg bag.

PURINA SHEEP MINERAL 15:5 (3445)- is a high quality mineral with no added copper that can be used for the whole flock. Sheep should have access to mineral throughout the year free- choice, particularly during breeding, lambing and lactation seasons. Comes in a 25kg bag.

PURINA GOAT MINERAL ACTIV PLUS 15:15 (1923)- A palatable 1:1 ratio of calcium phosphorous and highly fortified with trace minerals and vitamins. Comes in a 25kg bag.